Lead Testing of Drinking Water in California Schools

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California Assembly Bill 746 (AB747) – Water/Lead Testing requires schools to test for lead in potable water systems at every school site within its jurisdiction at least once a year or once every three years depending on whether a building was constructed on or after January 1, 1993.  If the tests show elevated lead levels (15 parts per billion/United States Environmental Protection Agency Standard), the school must notify parents and guardians of the elevated level and provide information on lead developed by an agency with expertise in lead.  

The State Water Resources Control Board is requiring all community water systems to test school drinking water upon request by the school’s officials.  While these community water systems extensively and regularly test their drinking water for lead, lead could get into clean water at a school campus if there were corroded pipes or old fixtures at the school.  The Hollister School District has met with our local water providers to schedule testing at all school sites within the district.  

Sampling locations can include drinking fountains, cafeteria and food preparation areas, and reusable water bottle filling stations. All testing of lead levels in drinking water at school sites must be completed by July 1, 2019. The community water systems are responsible for the costs associated with collecting drinking water samples, analyzing them and reporting results through this new program. In addition, the State Water Board’s Division of Financial Assistance will have some funding available to assist with addressing lead found in tests, with a particular focus on schools in disadvantaged communities.

Protecting children from lead exposure is important for their development and lifelong good


For more information on the lead sampling for schools program, see the State Water Resources Control Board's frequently asked questions about Lead Testing of Drinking Water in California Schools.

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